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About Me

Stephanie Bishop
ESL Teacher
Masters Humanitarian Aid and International Cooperation
University of Kalu Institute
BS in Religion and Theology
King College
BA in Education, English and ESL endorsement
King College/ Tennessee Tech
Hi!  I am one of the three ESL (English as a Second Language) teachers in the county.  I have travelled and lived abroad many times in my life and I always return to Monroe County.  It is my home; it is my people.  I have been honored to start the first girl's soccer team and girl's golf team at SQHS.  (There were a lot of scholarships unused and I couldn't keep that door closed especially if there was a girl that otherwise, would never get to go to college.) So, basically I had the How to Coach Soccer and Golf for Dummies Books.  I also coached softball and cheerleading at SQHS.  My students and teams have been my favorite part of teaching.
I started as a missionary teacher/ aviators with M.A.F. in the Congo; Zaire at the time. We were in the midst of Mobutu reign thus in civil war and on our borders a genocide in Rwanda/Uganda had begun.  I did not plan to return to America and if so, not to teach.  It was the best non plan I have ever had happen.  (Well, that and my dog, Bingsley and husband, Travis). I still like to travel and learn. I love nature and have been known to leave for weeks and walk mountain tops or travel around the US and Canada staying in my Jeep with journal, Bible, guitar and a wing and a prayer.  I  love being alive simply and learning from people along the way.  I hope I instill a voice and a self worth to my students.  I hope they know that life always has a thread of something amazing and many times that thread is them.